Santa Pete

Bringing Christmas Cheer to Central Arkansas


Santa Pete is a real bearded Santa that lives in Little Rock, AR.  He loves to put a smile on faces young and old with his holiday cheer. Due to his flexible schedule, Santa Pete is available for most events during the holiday season. He loves to visit offices, local events and enjoys personal family events at your home or get together. 


If you would like to contact Santa Pete and learn more about his availability and kinds of services that he offers please visit our contact page.

We love Santa Pete!

"Santa Pete visited our house last year and what a special memory was created from his visit! The kids were so excited to see the surprise "Santa" visit and can't wait until his visit this year. Santa read and sang with the kids and had a special, personal conversation with each one.  My grandson Luke was only 1 year old last year and we are so looking forward to see his reaction this year. My granddaughter Lilli is 4 years old and she is so getting ready to see "Santa" again.  Thank you Santa Pete for making our Christmas holiday even more special.  We look forward to seeing you in December!"              -Karen Southerland

"Santa Pete is authentic and very believable as Santa Claus. Last year, he was a hit at our open house where he mesmerized children and adults. We have invited him again this year. Santa Pete creates and captures the magic of Christmas."                                        Liz Howell, Harding University

"Santa Pete was a delight during his visit to Citizens Bank in Batesville.  He was personable, engaging and endearing, and greatly added to the wonder and merriment of this special time of the year.  The children, adults – and even our employees -- all adored him.  We couldn’t have been more pleased."

                                                                  -Chuck Jones, Citizens Bank of Batesville

"We had Santa Pete at our special Christmas Chapel at Central Arkansas Christian School. The students were so excited to see Santa Pete – several even checked to make sure it was the real Santa by pulling his beard (which is REAL!) Santa Pete sang Christmas Carols and read a story to our students! Santa Pete’s mission to bring joy & laughter during this time of the year is exceptional!  Our students and staff enjoyed him so much that he is making another appearance this year at our special chapel. We LOVE Santa Pete at CAC!

                                                       -Gay Passafiume, Central Arkansas Christian School

Santa Pete visited our home last year and has spoiled us to ever using any other Santa Claus. He came through the door Ho Hoing and my two year old ran across the room and hugged his leg.  He has a way of endearing children to him immediately.  They told him their Christmas wishes, sang christmas carols and Santa even passed out an early Christmas gift to each child. Christmas began in a wonderful way at our home thanks to Santa Pete. 
                                                              -Ashley Scott

"Santa Pete is the Perfect Santa. My son who is 4 can spot a fake really quickly Santa Pete won his heart! He BELIEVES!! Also this event was special because we had so many small children and this was a great way for them to see him. Santa Pete kept the Moms calm and reassured that we had plenty of time to get the little ones warmed up. Having it in our home with milk and cookies set the event off and got everyone in the spirit! Santa's laughter filled the room when he arrived., He sat on the floor and read a book and sang Christmas carols! This is one happy mom!!"

                                                              - Amber Doggett