Santa Pete

Bringing Christmas Cheer to Central Arkansas



Last Sunday evening, Santa Pete made a visit to the Picker/Cheatham House Church, which is part of Little Rock Church. The children were all dressed up. Their parents brought refreshments. The room was decorated beautifully, with a Christmas tree and everything.

The kids all gathered around the tree on the floor, waiting for Santa Pete to come. When SP arrived, they all called out, “Santa Pete!” SP got down on the floor with them, and they all sang some songs, Jingle Bells, Rudolph, and Deck the Halls. Then they listened closely to Santa Pete, while he read a short Christmas story.

SP had brought a small gift for each child. The children were called one by one to come and sit in Santa’s lap, where they unwrapped their little gift. Then, they each spent a moment or two talking to Santa. Most of them gave him a hug when they were finished.

After all the pictures were taken, and the Santa visits completed, everyone enjoyed cookies and milk. Oh what fun they had!