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Bringing Christmas Cheer to Central Arkansas


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The story begins...

The story of Santa Pete began last Christmas when my daughter called me to tell of her trip to visit Santa with her three children.  Although he was a delightful man, she was weary from the long lines and time spent for just a few short minutes with Santa. During our conversation she said, "Hey! You should be Santa Pete! The kids would love you!" I usually agree with many of her suggestions, so I decided to begin the process of transforming into Santa Pete.

March Beard

My wife was excited at the idea of Santa Pete and began looking at Santa suits. After ordering one suit, she decided that it would be better to create the suit herself. You can see by the photos, she created a fantastic suit for old Santa Pete.

As my hair and beard began to grow a little longer, my friends and co-workers wondered if I was having a mid-life crisis, but when I told them I was going to be Santa they were excited about the potential. During the long summer, I found myself questioning my decision to do this. This hair and beard are HOT in the Little Rock summer! I found it was difficult to stay cool, but I decided that being Santa Pete was worth a temporary discomfort.

July Beard!

   As the summer months wore on and my beard and hair got longer, I started to believe more and more - I AM SANTA PETE!. Even my friends were surprised and suggested that I could play Santa for our church, and take donations for a ministry. We considered several ministries, but we decided to raise money for The Call, which is an agency dedicated to the care of foster children in Central Arkansas. 

  On December 14th, Santa Pete will be at Little Rock Church, and visit with the children of The Call. Then, the next day, December 15th, Santa Pete will again be at Little Rock Church to visit with children of the church.  Donations will be taken on both these days. David Cranford will be on hand both days to take photographs. Each child will receive a free photo. You can also visit David's website, to purchase Santa Pete prints, cards and other Santa Pete items, with all profits going to The Call of Arkansas. 

I'm Santa Pete!


Welcome! I am so excited you have come to visit my website.  When this all began I was looking to be Santa for a few friends and family.  As the beard and hair grew and I put on my Santa Suit, I realized that this was more than just a few photos and visits with old friends. This was something that I could do to bring joy and holiday cheer to young and old in Little Rock and Central Arkansas.

With several events already planned, I am looking forward to sharing the adventures of Santa Pete. I hope that you will come back and read of my tales and if you’re looking for a jolly Santa for your holiday party or event, please contact me.