Santa Pete

Bringing Christmas Cheer to Central Arkansas


There are lots of people who help make the magic of the Holiday Season and Santa Pete a memorable experience.  Santa Pete would especially like to thank the people listed below. 

First, Kathy Peters, who has spent MANY hours working on making Santa Pete presentable (a very difficult task!). She has made two Santa suits in the last year. If you're not a seamstress, then you cannot imagine how difficult it is to work with velvet cloth and pieces of fur. And SP is not always a willing and cooperative "model." 

Second, David Cranford has a beautiful studio, and has taken most of the stunning photographs of Santa Pete. David is a professional photographer, but he also has a full time job, and a family to whom he is devoted. So taking his time to shoot and edit these photographs is a labor of love, and I'm indebted to him.

Third, Schell and Paul Gower have worked diligently to make this website what it is. They have two little children and Paul has kept them many a day so Schell can be free to work with Santa Pete. Her advice has been invaluable.

Pete's children - Katie, Sam, and Ike - and their spouses - Mitch, Brooklynne and Alexis - have also given SP lots of advice and help.

Zach Cheatham is also a professional photographer, and has advised and given SP a few pictures that he shot and edited.

A dear friend, Carole Chandler helped make the Santa suits and has been a valuable advisor. Carole is one of those people who knows what looks attractive and she helps in that way a lot.

David Cranford Photography

Zach Cheatham Photography

Schell and Paul Gower

Kathy Peters

Carole Chandler

Katie Mitchell

Alexis and Ike Peters

Brooklynne and Sam Peters